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Natbib uses the citation style associated with the corresponding bibliography style if no specific citation commands are declared. There are some additional commands to control some punctuation parameters. See the example below:

\documentclass{article}\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage[english]{babel}   %Import the natbib package and sets a bibliography and citation styles\usepackage{natbib}\bibliographystyle{abbrvnat}\setcitestyle{authoryear,open={((},close={))}}     \begin{document}   \section{First Section} This document is an example, Two items are cited: \textit{The \LaTeX\ Companion} book \cite[see][chap 2]{latexcompanion} and Einstein's journal paper \cite{einstein}.     %Imports the bibliography file "sample.bib"\bibliography{sample}   \end{document}

The specific command to format the citation style is:

The parameters, comma-separated, tell LaTeX to use the authoryear citation mode and use double parentheses as opening and closing marks. Below a list of possible parameters that can be passed to this command:

  • Citation mode: , or .
  • Brackets: or . You can manually set any other opening and closing characters with adn .
  • Citation separator: , .
  • Separator between author and year:
  • Separator between years with common author: <code>yysep={char}.
  • Text before post-note: .

The are other additional citation commands depending on the citation mode. For instance, in the example above the command takes two extra parameters; the first optional parameter see is printed before the citation mark and the second optional parameter chap 2 is printed after the citation mark. Below a table describing some additional citation commands:

command description
Textual citation
Parenthetical citation
Same as but if there are several authors, all names are printed
The same as but if there are several authors, all names are printed
Prints only the name of the authors(s)
Prints only the year of the publication.

For more information about the rest of the commands in this example see Bibliography management with natbib

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[edit] Further reading

\setcitestyle{authoryear, open={((},close={))}

I'm use the TeX ACM Style in my thesis:

And cite references using , but it's different of the new ACM style:

[Number] instead [Author Year]

How can I use [Author Year] like ACM Style?


Obs.: In ACM examples, the cite and reference styles are:


A paginated journal article [Abril and Plant 2007], an enumerated journal article [Cohen et al. 2007], a reference to an entire issue [Cohen 1996], a monograph (whole book) [Kosiur 2001], a monograph/whole book in a series (see 2a in spec. document) [Harel 1979], a divisible-book such as an anthology or...


Rafal Ablamowicz and Bertfried Fauser. 2007. CLIFFORD: a Maple 11 Package for Clifford Algebra Computations, version 11. (2007). Retrieved February 28, 2008 from

Patricia S. Abril and Robert Plant. 2007. The patent holder’s dilemma: Buy, sell, or troll? Commun. ACM 50, 1 (Jan. 2007), 36–44. DOI:


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