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BLIS-04P: Library Cataloguing Practice
Course Code: BLIS-04P
Course: Library Cataloguing Practice
Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.2016-Jan.2017
Units: 1-17
Total Marks: 100
Note: Answer all questions.
1) Catalogue the titles as per AACR-2R. All the added entries are to be provided. The answers are to be worked out on paper only, marking out 5”×3” cards. All titles carry equal marks. (50)
Title 1:
Donald Voet and Judith G. Voet
New York
Other Information
Call No. 574.192 DON
Acc. No. 150326
Pages xvii, 1223p
Size 24 Cm.
ISBN 0-471-61769-5
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Title 2:
Biologists’s Guide to principles and techniques of
practical biochemistry
Edited by
Keith Wilson and Kenneth H. Goulding
3rd edition
English Language Book Society
Other Information:
Call No. 574.192 BIO
Acc. No. 876567
Pages xix, 396p.
Size 24 cm.
ISBN 0-7131-2959-X 12
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Title 3:
National Accounts Statistics, 1993
Government of India
Ministry of Planning and Programme Implementation
Department of Statistics, CSO
Controller of Publications
Other Information:
Call No. 336.0125400212 IND
Acc. No. 435645
Pages xvi, 345p.
Size 24 cm.
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Title 4:
Methods in applied soil microbiology and biochemistry
Edited by
Kassem Alef
Paolo Nannipieri
Volume 1: Soil microbiology
Volume 2: Soil biochemistry
Volume 3: Soil chemistry
Volume 4: Soil biology
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Academic press
Other Information
Call No. 631.4 ALE
Acc. No. 345266-9
Size 26 cm.
ISBN 0-12-513840-7

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Title 5:
Georgian International Journal of Science,
Technology and Medicine
Vol. 1 Issue 1 2008
Hauppauge, NY
Nova Science Publishers
Other Information
Class No. 505.14
First Published In 2008
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 1939-5825
Holding Library has all volumes
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2) Catalogue the titles as per Classified Catalogue Code. All the added entries are to be provided. The answers are to be worked out on paper only, marking out 5”×3” cards. All titles carry equal marks. (50)
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Title 1: Outline of Child Psychology
Harold Hoffding
Translated by
Galen M. Fisher

MacMillan Co Ltd
New York
Other Information:
Call No : S1 M6
Acc.No. : 1067
Title 2: Indian Women in Rural Development
Ministry of Community Development
Government of India
New Delhi
Other Information:
Call No. : Y31:7:7.44 K7
Acc. No. : G – 4823

Title 3: Indian Journal of Geology
Vol. No. 1 Issue No.1
Published by: Geology Department
University of Delhi
Other Information:
Class No. : Hm44, N66 14
Acc. No. : Use inclusive notation for accession numbers
First Published: 1966
Frequency: Quarterly
Library Holdings: Volume no.1 onwards

Title 4: The Art and Science of Business Management
Robert Dubin
Christopher Kelly
Terry Egalton
Second Revised Edition
Vol.1: Leadership and Creativity
Vol.2: Performance
Vol.3: Managing People
Vol.4: Productivity and Marketing
Jaico Books
New Delhi
Other Information:
Call No. : X:8 N5.1 to N5.4
Acc. No : 200891-200894
Note : It is a four volume set. All the volumes are available in the library.

Title 5: Footsteps Behind Me
Anthony Gilbert
Collins Clear Press
Other Information:
Call No. : O111, 3N03, F J5
Acc.No : 18456
Note : The real name of the author is given in the book a is Lucy Malleson
Series Note: Crime Club Series. No 23, Merle Lawrence is the editor of the series
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