College Research Papers Topics On Sports

5 No-Fail Sports Topics For Academic Research Papers

The subject of sports makes for an ideal paper when it comes to academic writing. Although selecting a topic can be difficult in the first instance, once you have selected your topic, you should find the that you are able to write the paper easily.

Drugs and Steroid Use Within Sports

The use of drugs and steroids can give you a lot of information to write about, whether it is the general everyday use or the use of drugs or famous athletes that have used them.

  • Writers can discuss the negative effects drug have in the sporting world.
  • Long-term ramifications and health problems can also be discussed.
  • The effects of long-term use along with the disadvantages can be another discussion point.

How Media Affects Sports

The media are well suited to many sports, whereas others do not seem to garner the same attention. Topics can include how different sports attract different age ranges and sexes.

  • Writers can discuss how athletes are portrayed as potential role models for today’s youth.
  • Why are some sports more worthy of being televised than others?
  • How the advertising industry performs during sporting events.

Sporting Injuries

Another topic that opens a number of avenues when it comes to writing research papers is sports injuries. The paper could cover many aspects of injuries, including aftercare and prevention.

  • Famous athletes can be cited who have had particularly damaging injuries.
  • How certain injuries are specific to particular sports.
  • The writer may have had a personal experience in sports where they fell victim to an injury.

Sports and Employment

Employment in sports can provide more inspiration for academic research papers. Many viewpoints and discussion points can be looked at.

  • What options are available for successful athletes in sports?
  • What are the options for athletes who may not hold the same celebrity status as others?
  • The writer will be able to research high school athletes and look at sports scholarships.

The History of Sports

History and sports can go in hand in hand when it comes to writing a research paper. Whether you are looking at the history of sport itself or famous sporting events, you can be sure that there is more than enough information to produce some fantastic work.

  • Writers could look at females entering a male-dominated sport and how this changed the way athletes were viewed.
  • A writer can also research famous sporting events and discuss why they are memorable.

10 Great Sports Term Paper Topics For College Students

Writing a term paper on your hobby is pretty easy. You get to write about what you do for fun and what you are extremely good at. However, sports are a merely physical subject and are not always easy to put into words. You can go the easy way and conduct a research using your favorite sport as a subject. You probably already know what there is interesting about it and will be glad to learn something new. Or you can go the hard way and choose one of the topics that explore the sports deeper, spend more time on your paper, but get a quality project that will be interesting not only for your teacher, but even for your classmates.

Cheating in sports.

This is one of the topics that will never get old. New examples are discovered every single day, you just need to dig deeper and something interesting will pop up.

  1. Incidents of getting caught using steroid substances and their influence on the future career of the sportsman.
  2. Role of the steroids usage in the career success on an example of a famous cyclist.

  3. Injury prevention.

    If you are doing sports yourself, you probably know all about getting hurt during a game. Tell your experience, teach others how to avoid being injured.

  4. Preventing knee injuries during football games: techniques, methods and examples.
  5. Fatal injuries in an athletic career and how to prevent them.

  6. Correlation of studying and sports.

    If you are still in school or college and try to do sports at the same time, there will be a lot of interesting topics for you to cover. Look around and think about the problems that you have been facing.

  7. The correspondence of the academic success of an individual to the athletic performance.
  8. Are college athletic scholarships fair in regards to students with poor athletic skills?
  9. Recruitment of college athletes and its influence on the studying of major disciplines.

  10. Ethic issues in sports.

    If you are at the same time fond of fighting for equality, or finding justice in everything you take, why not combine both of your hobbies? History of athletics knows a lot of issues that will be interesting for you.

  11. Cross gender coaching and its influence of the success of the team.
  12. Equality in sports: shall mixed teams be allowed in anger sports?
  13. Is the usage of tax money on sports venues justifiable?

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