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My favorite subject in school - Maths

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In this essay, you read about my favorite subject 'Maths'. It is my favorite subject because we can discover the world of numbers. I love to calculate different factors and get the result. Always, I love to play with numbers.

Maths has been my favorite subject in school since L.K.G. I love the world that is filled with numbers. When I was three years old, my uncle from U.K sent me DVDs of alphabets and numbers. In the videos, I saw beautiful videos of numbers. I saw numbers being displayed in the air and so I developed interested in numbers. Then I also learned to count by viewing the videos. Then no sooner when I joined the school, I began to learn addition, subtraction, etc. When I reached a primary level, then I learned multiplication.

How I really developed interest in Maths

I just began liking Maths because I understood who it is useful in real life. My father then taught me the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division when I reached primary level. Then I just started loving this subject and love to play with numbers. In my childhood, many mathematical tools were given to me such as counting slate, maths games, video games, etc to improve my mathematical skills. Today, maths is the favorite subject in my school and I always score highest marks in this subject.

About my maths exam this year

I am studying in IV grade now and I am studying different chapters on Mathematics such as BODMAS, factorization, L.C.M, H.C.F, complicated divisions, multiplications, simplifications, etc and I am able to solve any Maths problems easily. I love to study Arithmetic part of mathematics and we are taught simple geometry chapters also. We are also taught about shapes, drawing circle, angles, triangles, type of triangles, etc I am able to solve different problems of simplification and BODMAS that seem to be really interesting to me. So, I feel that I am playing with numbers.

My maths teacher

My maths teacher is a well-qualified woman who can explain every problem of Maths in an interesting way. She taught us the ways to draw a line perfectly so that we can draw triangles, angles, etc perfectly. Like other subjects, Maths is not such a subject to be memorized and so I understand every step to solve a problem. Every problem in Maths is different and the teacher has taught us with tremendous efforts so that I am able to understand every problem. She explains to us difficult problems with examples and by making associations so that we can understand them clearly.

My contribution for Maths in class

I am always ready to help the other weak students in Maths before the examination. Whenever, somebody comes to me and asks me a problem, I always explain to them the method of solving problems. When I teach somebody mathematics, I also revise my subject. In a day, I study this subject twice in a week for 45 minutes at home. Whenever I need help, my parents are always ready to help me and so I do not go for tuitions also.

So, I wish that every student should study this subject with devotion and they can develop keen interest for this subject. One should not be scared of this subject but just treat it as a game of numbers.

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