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Although a very short half term, we have managed to pack in a huge amount of learning, activities and events. The recent reward assemblies were exceptional and a chance to celebrate the many achievements from the Autumn term. We were particularly pleased with the high personal quality scores of students which reflects their commitment to learning on a ‘day in, day out’ basis. As you will see from the newsletter, there has been a good deal of sporting success both for teams and individuals. The recent ‘gifted’ day in Performing Arts reflects the amazing talents of our children.

 Year 11 are currently working extremely hard in school, with GCSE examinations only weeks away. A recent assembly allowed previous students to give ‘real time’ advice on both what the future holds and the key to being successful. The publication of the recent DFE tables the fantastic achievements of the St Edmund’s family. Whilst achievement is at the heart of our learning, spirituality is our soul and our mission for our children. The blessing of the Icons for Year 7 marking the start of this journey. Well done to all the tutor groups for raising money towards this and choosing their Icon. This will be used in morning tutor prayer and is a symbol of each child’s faith journey.

 In the last newsletter you may recall that we were having a real focus on the expectations of all students when changing  for Dance/PE. Our zero tolerance approach here has definitely brought the ‘culture’ in line with that of the rest of the day here at St Edmund’s.  This will continue into next half term as we ‘cement’ learning behaviours into established routines/expectations.

 Finally, as you may be aware, we plan much of our improvement work to the school site into the summer term, as a result of having more time available. However, in recent years this has been difficult to manage and fit in (as a result of the amount that we do). Hence whilst continuing to use this time, we will also now start to use other holiday periods and in school time where we can. During Gebruary half term we have widened the doors on the first floor (to aid student movement), painted the staircase bannisters and continued to improve signage of rooms.

Life of St Edmund's Prayer

Heavenly Father, as we gather in prayer, we ask for the guidance and inspiration of our school patron,
St Edmund, who led a life based on Gospel values and the belief in the power of God.

We pray that like Edmund, each of us will personally come to believe that,
“I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13)
and that together our school community may grow ever closer to you and to one another.

May our school be a place that reaches out to the wider community
and is mindful of the environment around us.

We pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.                                                                     


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