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3217 E Shea Blvd
Phoenix, AZ85028
(602) 996-3511

Uncle Sam's is that place I always think of when i'm in the mood for a Grinder or great Hogie. They seem a little pricey for a full size sandwich but let me tell you these sandwiches are fantastic! Soft white bread that is piled high with your selection of meats and dressing that makes the mouth water just thinking about it. These sandwiches are made with pride and care and are not to be likened to a Subway, Fire House or Jersey Mike's Speedwich with inferior ingredients. You can barely get this mound into your mouth. Their wings, White Pizza, and array of New York fashioned eats kill. The beer flows easily here and the menu is pretty vast and will suit almost anyone's needs. The restaurant is nice and fashioned with plenty of TV's to catch your favorite sporting events. Being right off of the 51 freeway at Shea lends to easy access and provides a quick way to get on to your next venue. They have been around for years and are a staple here in the valley! This is among my first choices when it comes to having an incredible bite when I'm craving a sub. #Irishcatv2 #Vino2 #Vino2ultimate #vinosquared #rebelfoodandwine

This place was a huge let down. I've heard that it was good from other people and I've been here 2 times. Both times it wasn't that great. First time I called and ordered a "chicken steak sandwich" with extra american cheese. Now in SJersey/Philly that typically means a chicken not Beef steak sandwich. The lady on the phone was actually rude She said that's not what it's called...it's a chicken sandwich. I said I know that's what I want. Then she said...well that's not what you said! I know we're not in Philly and they have their own terms but that was just an ignorant way to handle it. Then I get the sandwich and it's cut up chicken breast's...basically cubes. So when you eat it they tumble out. Why not chip/slice it guys? That's the way everyone I know did it for cheesesteaks. #beNice Plus the service both times was very slow.

Great considering they make mostly homemade items. Certainly better than the chain restaurants

2ND UPDATE - MARCH 2018: WHY does my wife keep ordering from this place? Two nights ago they screwed up once again. Wings and fries is our go-to order. We always order the fries "extra crispy" because they are really great that way. When they're not crispy, they are average at best. It is always a 50-50 bet whether anybody actually makes them extra crispy when we ask for it. I was there to pick up our order... my brain said, "check the fries to see if they were made crispy". My patience said, "no, don't: you're tired, you're not going to want to wait around for them to do it right." Sure enough, I got home and the fries were not done extra crispy. UNCLE SAM'S, THE CRISPY FRIES IS WHAT KEEPS US COMING BACK AND LITERALLY HALF THE TIME YOUR PEOPLE SCREW IT UP. Then there's the wings. Two orders of wings, BBQ and Mild flavors. Both undercooked. The "Mild" wings, you could have fed them to a baby. No kick whatsoever. That reminds me, the wings are wildly inconsistent. Sometimes they are wet; sometimes they are dry. Sometimes the wings are plump and meaty. Sometimes they are neither. Even the celery and carrot slices that nobody ever eats, they were limp and inedible. I've laid down the law: WE ARE DONE DONE DONE WITH UNCLE SAM'S. I will gladly drive the extra distance to Oregano's: their wings are much better and they are consistently good. Also, I feel better about patronizing a business that doesn't treat its employees like crap, like the owner of this place does. UPDATE 2-March 2016: Downgraded from 3 to 2 stars. The service is even worse than usual. To-go orders regularly screwed up. The food is so-so. The pizza is good but it's greasy and hilariously overpriced. We would always order wings and the quality varies greatly. About 1/4 to 1/3 of the time they are plump. The rest of the time they are scrawny. Yet more evidence of the owner cutting corners. Sometimes they come out drenched in sauce; sometimes they are dry with barely any sauce. The wings at Oregano's are so, so much better. Phoenix PD and DPS used to be seen here all the time, now you will never see them here, ever. Must be something to do with the owner's well-publicized bust for using illegal labor. Everyone I talk to has noticed the drop-off in parking lot traffic; it's seldom as crowded as it used to be. The owner is also not someone who should be supported by the neighborhood, as he has chosen to put some really sleazy businesses in the nasty strip mall he owns behind the restaurant. We kicked our Uncle Sam's habit (it used to be our go-to place when we didn't want to cook) and haven't looked back. Go down to Tatum and Shea and try Corleone's for pizza and subs. Better food, better prices. ======================= UPDATE: Uncle Sam's seems to have their act together again. Unfortunate that the owner chooses to make this neighborhood seedy by leasing space to a pawn shop and a head shop. I've observed him or his kid driving like an arrogant jerk, too. If my business' name was plastered all over my car, I'd be sure to be a courteous driver. ======================= Newly re-opened after Sheriff Joe's raid, the 32nd St. Uncle Sam's is still trying to get its act together. Been here twice since the re-opening. Food service is rather slow. Both times the waitress did not pay enough attention to our table. On the second visit, our waitress was obsessed with cleaning and straightening the empty tables and practically ignored us once the food was delivered. She also forgot our drink order, we sat for 10 minutes until getting our beverages. The wings come out VERY dry. We will remember to ask for them wet next time, this never used to be a problem. I would advise you to wait until next month (it's August 2013 right now) until the staff and kitchen is back in its old groove. This leads me into another topic, what bothers me more than these failures is the owner's very obvious tightfistedness. Use a coupon from the mailer? It better total at least $25.00 to the penny or you won't get your $5 off. Even if you mention at the start that you have the "$25/$5 off with two drinks" coupon, the waitresses will not tell you if you hit the $25 when you make your order unless you ask them to, and I don't trust them to do the math anyway. What's worse, none of the staff nor the manager has the latitude to honor the coupon if you fall a little short. One time we were denied use of the coupon because our order had totaled $24.95. A FREAKING NICKEL SHORT. We talked to the manager and it was very apparent it was not his call to make and that he would have gotten in trouble for cutting us a break. On our first visit to the re-opened Uncle Sam's, the service was so painfully slow they should have - any good restaurant would have - comped us something. The drinks, the fries, something. Nope. That will never happen here. Uncle Sam's we like your food but we're getting a little tired of making excuses for your shortcomings.

If I could give zero stars I would. I attempted to order a bakers dozen wings, ten medium and three simply left with no sauce. I was REFUSED. Seriously? I'm not asking for two different sauces, I simply want my toddler to be able to enjoy a few without having to order well over what the both of us would eat. Why can't you just set a few to the side? Shame on you guys for calling yourselves a family restaurant. UPDATED: You'll notice that the manager himself called me belligerent when he admits in his statement that he neither spoke with me nor even heard my half of the conversation. Belligerent over wings? No. I simply questioned the legitimacy of the denial and said that I'd rather eat elsewhere. Furthermore, unlike your ridiculous comparisons, what I asked of you would have taken absolutely no extra time and money from your business.

Awful basic bar good at best.. service is just the same, sparce.. I'm guessing he's the manager, bald guy never got his name but rude as f*ck.. save your money and spend it at an establishment that'll actually care about your business!

We come here once in a while when we run out of ideas, lol... It is always OK, not great, not awful. This time we came here just for an appetizer and I found it interesting how plain and boring their appetizer platter is. The food was OK (if you do not care about eating healthy), but the presentation was blah. : )

Amazing...even bought the tshirt. I live in Nashville now but remember this place from a kid. Their turkey and cheese hoagie is my favorite but the rest of my family gets the special. The service has always been great and my cup never runs dry. We've been here 4 days in a row so far and will probably be here everyday this week!

We have been going to Uncle Sam's since the 1980's. The food is yummy - the Uncle Sam's special pizza and the wings are really good. Normally we get take out. The 2-star rating is due to the interior of the restaurant and the wait staff. This place is in dire need of a make-over. Like I said, 1980's, yet it is EXACTLY the same. Except the chairs are ripped, there is no music, and everything feels old. The waitress we had the last two times should be doing something else. She obviously doesn't enjoy what she's doing. Please Uncle Sam's - you've got the food. But you aren't doing anything to attract new customers and improve the experience. With little competition in the area, you should be the "go to" place - yet I have no desire to eat there again. We'll stick with take out

My wife & I live close to Uncle Sams & we were craving some wings & we have always enjoyed them there & this time we had to send the food back the chicken tasted old or left out way to long & the fries were like mashed potatoes & the cheese sticks were not even fully cooked & the cheese inside was not stringy like it should be. We will not be going back there. The service was decent & the waitress was very tentative.

Neighborhood pizza place. The pizza here is average at best. The sauce on our pizza was bland. I ordered a garden salad that appeared to have been prepared on the plate for a long time before I ordered it. Lettuce was wilted and slightly brown on the edges. Our kids do like their onion rings. Many other better pizza places nearby to try before going back here again anytime soon.

I have been going here since the early 90s and it just seems to be getting worse snotty attitudes abound sub par service and when I finally got my $16.00 Cheese Steak it was one foot of non edtibal gristle ! Adding the pic they have gone so far down hill not sure if they can come back ... too bad it used to be good.

Their to go service is horrible. Every time you call in an order you will sit and wait 20 minutes at least for your order to be ready. Today they had me all my items without a bag. I stood there for a few minutes so I can request a bag but I couldn't get their attention so I finally walked out before my food got cold. I don't care if this food is good or not the service sucks, they are always behind and they never seem to have their act together. They could really use someone to come in and Salvage that place!

Sadly, Uncle Sam's has slipped. I used to love it here, but the quality is just not the same anymore. Service has followed suit. The cheese steak that originally brought me in, now tastes no better than a mall food court.

I am a native of the Philadelphia area so I know a bit about cheese steaks and hoagies. My wife and I have been looking for a local restaurant where we could get good Philadelphia food and when we saw an ad for Uncle Sam's we were excited that maybe this could be the place. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. The insides of the sandwiches were fine but the rolls failed the test. If you know what a good cheese steak or hoagie really is then you know that the roll is everything! Sorry Uncle Sam, good try though.

Worst service you could ever imagine. I was there over the weekend to pick up my take out within the time frame they gave me. The lady at the front counter was rude even though I was polite. You could also hear the cook yelling and swearing and couldn't control his emotions. If I had to choose between getting a finger cut off and coming back to this place, I would rather get my finger cut off.

What the hell happened to this place?! They used to have great hot sandwiches. I hadn't been here for awhile and hasppened to be driving by and thought I'd get one of their hot grinders. I ordered the hot Italian, no fries and a beer. My order came, beer, sandwich and fries(remember, I said no to the fries). The sandwich was ice cold, piled with lettuce, and get this; provolone cheese on top of all tgat lettuce, partially melted (must have placed it under broiler for a couple of seconds). This place USED TO BE a great place for subs, grinders, hoagies.... Don't recommend this place and I will never return. Time to close the doors.

What a great restaurant! The food is super good! I ordered a mushroom cheese steak and an order of fries. I would say it took the perfect amount of time to make it to my table. Not to quick that I know it was not fresh and not too slow that I had to figure out where my food was. I'm pretty sure they don't make the rolls in house but I'm guessing they are made fresh daily. My bread was still moist when it got to me. The steak was sooooo great too! It was cooked perfectly, made right, and chopped up into tiny bits. The fries were also made fresh! The happy hour deals are something to write home about as well! Great place! I'll be back for sure!

The only reason this place gets one star is because the girl who waited on us was terrific. If you love pizza, Don't go here!

I grew up down the street and my family has been ordering food from Uncle Sam's since I was in grade school. We've always been a fan of their cheesesteak subs. I recently came back to Phoenix to visit and was craving a cheesesteak sub. I knew that I had to try Uncle Sam's. These guys do it right. I had forgotten just how great their cheesesteak sandwhiches were! Many places make a decent Cheesesteak, but only Uncle Sams gets the 5 star nod from me. This place is fantastic!


18913 N 83rd Ave
Peoria, AZ85382
(623) 362-3900

Had a wedding rehearsal dinner at Uncle Sams 83rd Ave. store last night. Requested reservations which were accepted. Everything was setup when we arrived with about 20 people. Two servers were designated and did an outstanding job. No complaints from anyone. Beers were icee cold and food was hot and well prepared. Food and drink selection is great. Happy hour prices can't be beat.

Food came out burnt, they said its toasted. Sent back now it came out and the middle is cold. Service sucks

I can back here for the first time in about 6-7 years and this place is still a Gem. The service is still amazing. The food is still delicious and comparable to what I'm accustomed to in NYC. Everything is just perfect here. Huge booths, clean bathrooms, affordable menu items, Happy servers and fresh food. Get the steak sandwich and the wings. You won't be disappointed.

As a Jersey Boy who grew up across the Delaware River from South Philly...always on the hunt for real cheesesteaks & subs, along with wings...well...my family and I found it in Uncle Sams...a simple menu but all items are prepared to perfection...in both quality & quantity. The servers are all very efficient and genuinely friendly...the place has good energy too...lots of Tv's (I mean televisions)and digital music too...tap and bottled beer, wine...very casual, non pretentious place...we're regulars...check them out sometime.

5 stars for customer service 1 star for taste of food 1 star for pricing 0 stars for food poisoning 4 stars for ambience We stopped in and ordered 3 thin crust pizza. The pizza came out soggy. I think it had too much cheese on it and that caused it to be soggy. Not sure. The pizza was flavorful. About two hours later all of us are in extreme pain and spent the rest of the night and next day in the bathroom. Something in that pizza gave us food poisoning:( Service from Brittney was awesome and she would be true only reason I would go back to try something else

I'm really trying to figure out why there are so many negative remarks about this establishment. I've really had no issues with the food or anything when we have visited. Everybody that works there has been incredibly friendly the food has been good the beer could be a little less expensive. We will visit from time to time, hopefully from the lack of a parking lot being full this place stays open.

Placed to go order over the phone. Girl was extremely nice and friendly over the phone. When we arrived time promised food was not ready yet. We got 2 full cheese stakes 1 cheese stakes with extra cheese and hot peppers on the side. 1 with onion and mushrooms sweet peppers on side. Issues both had peppers mixed in with meat and it seemed not to have much cheese. Meat had a lot of gristle. Fries were really good 5 stairs for service and fries 2 for cheese stakes.

This is the second time here and I just think the pizza crust just doesn't make it, it's dry and tasteless, from 1-10, its about a 5, I think the foundation of any pizza is the crust and I think they have the dough prefabricated already, no taste!

My roommate and I wanted to check this place out as a potential spot for watching big games and getting some good food. It definitely didn't accomplish either for us. It has about 30-40 TVs but most of them are around 24" so it's not exactly easy to see detail in the games. Their largest TVs are by the bar. The hostess and waitress were nice. They accommodated us well to watch a specific game where they sat us. The good was typical average dive bar food. Crappy onion rings, a Philly cheese steak that wasn't too​ bad, and "boneless chicken wings" that were​ more like Tyson frozen chicken nuggets. Fries with no seasoning or salt. Thank goodness they had a good bottled root beer. Overall just not worth the price and not a great venue for big games. Definitely not a place we're expecting to return to.

Had a great experience at uncle sams . GILLIAN our server was new .... but what a super great attitude .... made our visit fun . . Will definitely be back. Totally recommend the meat lover and the uncle sam special. Beer was perfectly cold ... Thanks Gillian

Ok Uncle Sam's , I have given you guys dozens of chances over the past three decades to get your act together, but today hit a new low. I called in an order and you actually charged me for hot and sweet peppers. Since when did you start charging for peppers????? Secondly, you gave me a cheese steak that was 50% gristle. Who does that?? Thirdly, you advertise that you put grill spice on the fries, I asked for this so called grill spice to try out, but no grill spice. Uncle Sam's I hate to say this, but this is it. We are broken up. That is the last $25 you get from this guy. I'd say we had a nice run, but we haven't. Your store on Shea is garbage and your store that was in North Scottsdale was horrible, too. Goodbye Uncle Sam's it was nice knowing you. Hoping they put a Portillo's in your spot when this location closes, too.

Is it me or is it me that every time I've gone into this establishment I've gotten wrong orders and dealt with the staff that doesn't seem to care. Today's the last time and shame on me from going in there today and walking out-with out my $11 sandwich.

I decided to try this place from a friend's referral for having great cheesesteaks. I called on the phone to place my to go order ahead of time so it would be ready when I got there. My one single cheesesteak sandwich with onions, mushrooms and red sauce on the side came to almost $20.00 for ONE sandwich! Unless it is prepared by the ghost of Elvis, the hand of God, served by Taylor Swift in a whipped cream bikini, or sent immediately by some unknown alien technology straight from Philly I would NEVER pay $20.00 for one sandwich. BUT I thought okay, I will give it a try based on my friend telling me how great it was. I had never been to this place before so I asked the girl on the phone if she could tell me if they were located on the North or South side of the street. This is a simple enough question that I am sure is asked commonly. HOWEVER, She could not tell me and said that she really did not know the answer. She asked me if I would like her to ask someone there to find out the answer and I said no. If you can not simply tell me what side of the street you are located off the top of your head then cancel my order. I just do not understand the lack of simple, basic, customer service and having a basic working knowledge of the business that employs you these days. Judging by other reviews I now see here of this establishment it probably worked out for the best that they did not get my business. During my days of working if I could not answer simple questions like this I would have been shown the door and told not to let it hit me in my butt on the way out in no uncertain terms. Just seems like nowadays the more incompetent you are the less it gets corrected with all the political correctness and coddling of people this type of behavior blossoms and becomes commonplace.

Let me start out by saying thank god the food is pretty good. The staff is friendly but has no clue about customer service. The server we had delivered breaded mushrooms instead of zucchini. The plates and empty bottles were not cleared from the table until we got up to leave. A bus boy was squatting down in the waitress station checking his phone instead of clearing our table. The server came to our table at least 4 times during our visit and the the bus boy at least 3 times. The staff has no clue on how to clear tables. As I said the food is good, but service needs a lot of help.

Food came out torched. 2 stars because the waitress had a smile. However, upon asking for a discount on the burnt food, she replied that because I ate what was inside the stromboli and left the bread alone, she wouldn't even discount it.... doesn't make sense because she offered a new one in place of it. Same amount of food, but would make me wait longer for my food to be cooked correctly. How could 1, the cook serve it being burnt.... 2, waitress bring it out burnt? Unless we were being served by 2 blind people.. poor choice for lunch.

The food was excellent tonight, the steak sandwich was superb as always ... I highly recommend Christina as a waitress - she was polite and efficient and funny. She deserves a raise - quite possibly the best service we've ever had in our at least 50 visits to Sam's

I've been here a handful of times and never had any issues. The food is great and so is the service. I have no clue what everyone else is bi-&$:@g about. I don't work here or have any ties to this place, I just like it. MLB Ticket would be nice though! Kaeli, make it happen! Kaeli provided awesome service!

Update: Ken, the manager, called me and apologized profusely for the delay I experienced today and extended a credit to me. I appreciate the gesture and the customer service. I have updated the rating because my guests enjoyed the wings. Don't EVER order online for a next day pickup. I thought I was giving Uncle Sam's plenty of time to have my order of wings ready for a pickup time of noon. My order was not only not ready, but they started working on it about 12:10. They had 18 HOURS advance notice! They could be the best wings in the world, but I won't order from them again.

It's was very hot and humid in here, the bathroom was a little on the spooky side. However, the water was quite refreshing. I got FREE LEMONS! The server was really slow but nice. My friends are cool we had fun. 3 stars. Most of us didn't have food but it smelled like you could eat it.

I've never been so upset eating here & I've been here dozens of times. I've even brought new comers, 5-6 times. Well, I wanted to try something new. I asked the waitress about the Strombolis. I've never heard of it but after the waitress explained it, it sounded amazing, so I went ahead and ordered it. When the food arrived it was burnt....not crispy, not even thin crust crispy....it was flaky and black. I asked her if this is the normal way....her response...wait for it...."not typically, it does seem pretty over cooked." NOW. I've worked in the restaurant industry for years, so I knew it wasn't her.....even though I would've never serve what she placed in front of me. Anyways. Politely, I asks for a new one. 15-20-35 minutes go by.... Two tables, that arrived after us left. My husband ate and my side dish got cold. Finally my food arrives. Not only is it hard, dry and crispy, but it seemed like they had 95% water 5% pizza sauce. I took my first bite. Disgusted. Asked my husband to try it. He was disgusted. Getting the bill: Only my -one- beer was taken off the bill. I seriously think this has set me over the edge to never come again. Did I mention I live 45 minutes away? Yep. Done.

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