Gned 500 Assignment Submission

Unformatted text preview: Consumer -Products - Processing Raw Material Example of Environment Examine the three critical condition 1. Historical eg. Global warming 2. Socioeconomic eg. poverty 3. Political eg. Poverty In addition to identifying the roots cause of social problem , we also have to look at to the Social Stracture. well established institutions, governs by the people who are themselves affected by the stractures. Social Stracture are of two type visible and invisible . 1) Visible- eg. Economy and government 2) Invisible-eg. Culture, families, traditions, customs etc. Causes of Social Problem Frame work for Social Problem The Iceberg Model Basic Critical Thinking/Questioning Approach Ways of Reading Social Problems Socioeconomic Political Approach Moving from Social Analysis to Social Action Speak Out Get Attention Example “Silent Spring THANK YOU...
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SOCIAL ANALYSIS FRAMEWORKSTriangle Model of Social Analysis


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