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Louis B. Sohn

( 1914-2006) Louis B. Sohn is of the world's foremost international law scholars. Sohn began teaching at Harvard in 1946, and was named Bemis Professor of International Law in 1961. Sohn pioneered courses on UN law, international human rights, the law of the sea, and the protection of the environment. He took part in the San Francisco Conference that established the United Nations. He worked at the United Nations on the settlement of international disputes, disarmament, human rights, and law of the sea. He co-wrote with Grenville Clark, World Peace through World Law , which has been translated into a dozen languages and is now in its third edition.

The Clark-Sohn Proposal for World Law and Disarmament
Louis B. Sohn Biography
Louis B. Sohn, Passionate Supporter of the U.N., Dies at 92from New York Times
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The Law of the Sea in a Nutshell by Louis B. Sohn, Kristen Gustafson
Guide to Interpretation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
The Movement of Persons Across Borders (Studies in Transnational Legal Policy, No 23)
Broadening the Role of the United Nations in Preventing, Mitigating or Ending International or Internal Conflicts That Threaten International Peace
The Law of the Sea in a Nutshell
Rights in Conflict : The United Nations & South Africa

Karl Radek Bernhardovich

(1885 - 1939) - Communist propagandist and early leader of the Communist International (Comintern). The failure of the Comintern to effect a Communist takeover in Germany contributed to the decline of Radek's influence, and in 1924 he lost his seat on the central committee of the Communist party. Expelled from the party in 1927, he was readmitted in 1929. A brilliant writer for the government newspaper Izvestia, he was also appointed to the commission that prepared the 1936 Soviet constitution. In January 1937, at the second show trial of the Great Purge, he confessed his guilt to the fabricated charge and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. There is strong evidence to suggest that he died in 1939 in a prison.

Karl Radek Biography
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KarlBerngardovich Radek (Sobelsohn) from
Biography from wikipedia

Portraits &Pamphlets (Essay Index) by Karl Radek
Karl Radek : The Last Internationalist by Warren Lerner
Engine of Mischief Biography of Karl Radek by Jim Tuck
Karl Radek in Deutschland : Revolutionar, Intrigant, Diplomat
Auf zum letzten Verhuor : Erkenntnisse d. verantwortl. Hofnarren d. Revolution Karl Radek by Joachim Steffen

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