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As a staff accountant, you’re responsible for maintaining up-to-date records of a variety of financial transactions. Our cover letter examples will help you craft the winning cover letter you’ll need to land a position in this highly detail-oriented field. Choose from three unique design templates, and find the cover letter example that works best with your individual background. Customize your cover letter to fit your needs. Then you’ll be ready to apply for staff accountant jobs with confidence. Click on any of the cover letter examples below to start now.

Cover Letter Tips for Staff Accountant

Before beginning your search for jobs as a Staff Accountant, it is important to strategize for maximum effectiveness. Use the following points to optimize your search.

1. Networking is the cornerstone of any effective job search. Reach out to professionals in your field to learn about potential job openings and to get news about your field. Joining professional associations and contributing to trade publications are just two of the many ways to build industry connections.

2. Informational interviews can be a great way to learn more about your industry and gain valuable contacts. Even if there are no current job openings, many professionals are happy to give informational interviews.

3. Social media is everywhere these days, and potential employers are likely to be checking out your online presence. Make sure that your social media presentation shows you at your professional best.

4. Persistence and patience will ultimately lead you to success. Do not let a lengthy and frustrating job search discourage you from giving it your best.

5. Keep up with industry news. No matter what field you are in, it can be substantially affected by legal and technological changes. Show your commitment and knowledge by demonstrating to interviewers that you are up-to-date on the latest developments.

Staff Accountant Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter is frequently your one chance to impress a potential employer. If you are looking for jobs as a Staff Accountant, make sure that your cover letter truly represents you at your best. Improve your cover letter with these tips.

1. Each employer may have differing, specific instructions on how to submit your cover letter. Follow these instructions precisely; careless mistakes will create an unfavorable impression. Check to make sure that your cover letter, cover letter and any other necessary documents are converted to the required file format.

2. Let your achievements stand out by creating a separate header for professional accomplishments. Use this section to list honors and awards, as well as your successes on especially challenging projects.

3. Proofread your cover letter for typos, formatting errors and accuracy. Even insignificant mistakes detract from your presentation and make you look less than professional.

4. Use professional and industry terms but make sure that your cover letter stays readable. Excess verbiage can lead hiring managers to lose sight of the substance of your information.

5. When describing your work experience, give precedence to the most relevant and important information. If your previous position entailed managing projects as well as making copies, list project management first; or, depending on the position you are applying for, omit “making copies” altogether.

Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample 1:

This letter and the accompanying resume are in regard to an employment opportunity for an individual to fill the position of Staff Accountant you have open. I believe you will find my qualifications very well suited to this position. With significant experience in many facets of the accounting function, my hands-on exposure to daily accounting activities appears to closely match the requirements cited in your posting. In particular, I have a solid background in:

  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements and operational data
  • General Ledger experience with reconciliation and analysis
  • Personal Computer hardware and software skills, with emphasis in Microsoft Office
  • Using collaborative style with fellow employees/managers to build teamwork for increased efficiencies, enhanced procedures, and continuous process improvement.

I am anxious to regenerate my career with a quality organization that seeks hard-working, conscientious, and loyal employees. I am also excited about the prospect of learning new methods and techniques as I further my employment experiences. While I have held management positions in the past, my primary focus at this time is to secure a rewarding job with an outstanding organization. An appointment to discuss how this opportunity could be mutually beneficial would be welcome. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample 2:

I have two years of accounting experience. My job consisted of work with accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statement preparations, and acting as an interface with the clients. I am looking for a new job placement in order the gain needed experience for the CPA exam and certification.

I am a graduate student at Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina and will be graduating next year with a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in management. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to public or private accounting. Having worked with one of the number one selling real estate firms in Ashe County, which generated over $27 million in sales last year, I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in this field. My background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive manager or accountant.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my education and experience will be helpful to you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample 3:

Having experienced some of my career goals in the accounting, finance and administrative field. I am interested in expanding my professional horizons by seeking new challenges. I am interested in a position with your company and have enclosed my resume for your review and consideration.

As you can see my career in the customer service, collection, accounting and administrative services is extensive. I have 6 years of hands on experience in matching of invoices/receiving records to purchase orders, account coding, data entry, vendor balance reconciliation and processing final invoice payments, Data entry, AR, AP, Bank reconciliation and general ledger.

I have hands on experience in using different accounting packages like QuickBooks, Navision Attain,TOPS, Q Pass, Peachtree, Quicken, SAP and Excel. I also have hands on experience in filing personal taxes using TurboTax and online programs.

I am confident that my background and skills in Accounting, Data entry, AR/AP, Bank reconciliation, inventory control, Budgeting and Payroll will prove to be an effective match for the skills to do the job.

Staff Accountant Cover Letter Sample 4:

At the core of a successful company stands a solid accounting department, the people who work tirelessly to analyze and manage profit, predicting financial climates. As a highly motivated, technologically savvy and dedicated accounting professional, believe I have the energy, expertise and education to be the Staff Accountant that helps to guide your company’s long-term profitability. With a unique mix of financial theory and pragmatic accounting qualifications, I offer a unique attitude and approach.

My strong commitment to corporate financial security is evidenced by my track record in the successful investigation, resolution and recovery of financial discrepancies. I am an experienced in leading-edge data security measures, risk assessment and accounting forensics. My history includes working with large-scale corporations with extensive travel and expense costs, corporate credit card reconciliation, direct billing and staff reimbursements. In these roles, my attention to detail has identified fraud and assisted the company in creating new security measures to protect its financial interests.

I believe that my ability to analyze and combine complex financial records into meaningful reports, presentations and graphics will be an asset to your company’s ability to accurately forecast profit and loss. I am well-versed in the preparation and delivery of cash flow statements, and have the written and verbal communication skills to convey even the most complex financial data to any audience. I have assisted in the preparation of annual reports and proposals for both internal audiences and shareholders, and am comfortable collaborating with diverse teams such as sales and marketing, IT and Human Resources to produce such projects.

While my attached resume provides more detailed information, I would love to schedule an appointment to speak to you regarding my specific experiences, achievements and qualifications. I will follow up on next week to see if you have any questions and to check your availability for a meeting.

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