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When tasks seem huge and overwhelming, it is commom tp procrastinate. We become reluctant to even try to begin. This is where breaking things down can help. Commit one hour of your leisure time to step one, and one hour to step two. You see whee this is going? You'll get it. You can't change the task, but you can change how you tackle it. Baby steps, mind you. You may feel your second wind kick in and find yourself on a roll....

Break it down into steps. First, start gethring the data you will need to support your claims. Get books, website links, articles, or whatever esle you need. Make a list of them. Stop. Take a break. Go out and play, do something else.
Next step (the next day or later that same day) scan through the materials and websites. A typical essay is 5 sections. You know the format, right? Make an outline. Insert notes for the places where you will get your info. Stop. Go play.
Next step (same day, next day, whatever) make a draft. This is your 3 or so hour committment. You will get breaks. Wing it. It is just a draft , so feel free to use shorthand, slang, or even symbols. Introduce the subject and 3 statements major points on it. First supporting section, elaborate on the first point. Site references, or make footnotes for evidence. Go play for a while, maybe a half hour. Resume with the second supporting section, elaborate on the second point. Take a break ( half hour), then do the third. Hang in there, you are almost done. Force yourself to wing the conclusion section. Wrap up and summarize, similar to intro section. Go take a break and play.
It should take you a couple of days to do this. The very next day, start typing it on the computer. You will automatically think of better ways to say things, and end up revising your paper. Go play. Next day, pull up the document and look it over. Do any revisions that some to mind. Think of all the time you are buying by getting this done now! Go play. Next day, do the same. Within a week, your paper will be so good you will want to show it off. Pat yourself on the back and realize how much time you have bought to hop on the spontaneous opportunities that may come up.
Try to adopt this motto: "Do things while you still have the momentum. Prioritize and break it down. Buy time to play."

You shouldn't have to spend more than an hour or so per step, and you get breaks (unless you feel like you are on a roll). This way, you buy time to be spontaneous.

Say your friend calls and invites you somewhere. You have already gotten a step done. How cool is that?

Source(s): Whether you think you will be sucessful at this or not, you will be right. Think about it....

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Best Answer:  1. First answer your question in a list format. If someone on the street asked you "why be normal", without going into any detail, how would you anwer the question. Just list the anwers. No explanations needed. Try to think of concrete answers. "Because it is stupid" will not work so well but, "trying to be normal puts undo stress on a person" or "being normal is just another way of giving into peer pressure" give you much more to work with.

2. Choose about 4 or 5 of the best answers from your list that you want to elaberate on. These will be your main points in the essay.

3. Next, take each point and list any supporting evidence that you can use to elaberate. You need definitions, statistics, examples, quotes from famous people or from psychologists (make sure to cite your sources and do not plagarize ideas) etc...
Concentrate on one point at a time. Gather as much supporting evidence as you can. You can always skim down later. You are still in the organizing stage so it is ok to have too much to work with than not enough.
It may work well to get 3x5 cards and list each piece of info on a card that will support your point. You need much more than your opinion so go do some research.
Remember: You are NOT trying to find supporting evidence on the broad topic of being normal. There may not be much out there. But finding evidence on peer pressure will be much easier.

4. Once you have all the supporting evidence for each individual point you will make in your essay now is the time to decide what to use. You need to break down your essay into beginning, middle, and end. Plan to write about 2 good solid paragraphs for your beginning, and 2 good solid paragraphs for your end. That leaves a lot for the middle. With a 5 page essay you can discuss 5 points in a little less than 1 page each point. You can discuss 4 points in a little more than 1 page each.
So, from your cards with supporting evidence, pick out the most solid and interesting pieces of info that you can write about. Some pieces of evidence may need a few paragraphs to explain, others may need only one. Toss aside the cards you will not be using and keep only the ones you will be discussing in your essay (do not throw away yet).

5. Now, write a really good beginning. Choose a really shocking statistic or really cool (very short) example, or a short list of things from your supporting evidences to start your essay off with and hook your reader. Then, from there explain the topic of your paper. Tell the reader what they are about to read about. You can even list the main points right there in the beginning so they know what to look forward too.
Keep your beginning short. 2 paragraphs at the most. Save the details for the body of the essay. The beginning is just to introduce the topic, interest the reader in the topic and maybe introduce the points you will discuss.

6. Time for the body of the paper. Start with each point. Tell the reader what point you are making and now write about each of the supporting evidences you chose. Stick to only those pieces of info you chose to use and nothing more. State each evidence once and explain it. Do not repeat yourself or explain what you already explained. This will prevent rambling and long winded opinions. If you find that you need to write more then add more evidences from the discard pile. If you have written too much then first search for areas where you over explained (cut there firt) or cut out a piece of supporting evidence that really may not need to be there.
You want each point to be discussed evenly. Do not discuss point #2 in only 2 paragraphs and point #3 in 2 pages. Having the space limit prevents you from over elaborating and under explaining.

7. Last, have a great conclusion. Sum it all up. Tie it all together. Tell the reader why everything you just wrote about is important.
Keep it short. 2 paragraphs.

Hope that helps.
Sorry for any typos or bad spelling


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