Lexia Homework For Kids

Patterson Lakes Primary Schools implements the Lexia Program.

Patterson Lakes has introduced Lexia Reading  as another component of its successful Literacy Program. Students  are selected for the program by their classroom teacher.They attend the Lexia Room for a half hour block each day.

The Lexia Reading Program is specifically developed software designed to improve reading.  Lexia builds skills, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension with reading. It provides fun and engaging activities with age appropriate content for all students. Overseeing the program is Mel Edgar. She monitors the progress of the children and communicates with the classroom teachers.


Lexia Australia provides evidence based software which helps students of all ages acquire and improve essential reading and thinking skills. Lexia supports teachers in monitoring and informing instruction for schools, classes and whole school.

Lexia is scientifically based, peer reviewed and proven to efficiently increase reading proficiency.

  • Supports Reading Acquisition
  • Prevents Reading Failure
  • Remediates Reading Difficulties
  • Assesses and Monitors Reading Progress
  • Differentiates Reading Instruction

To find out more visit  the following website:



Click here for the Lexia download parent letter


At Ledbury Primary School your child may be using a programme called Lexia Reading Core 5 which they use on our ipads. This programme helps the children with their reading and spelling skills. The children enjoy playing the educational games and we have seen a real improvement in their reading and spelling ability from using this programme. Your child is also able to access this from home. Please remember our E-Safety rules when children are using devices – they should only access it in 20-30 minute sessions.

Your child can use Lexia through the internet by going to the following website www.lexiacore5.com

When asked for your teachers email, please input  jrussell@ledbury.hereford.sch.uk

Your child then needs to use the login they use for school. (please contact jrussell@ledbury.hereford.sch.uk if your child is unsure of their login details!)

You can also, download the Lexia App on iPad or Android tablets by searching for ‘Lexia Reading Core5 UK’.

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