Steroids Opinion Essay Topics

Athletes that are in sports should not be allowed to consume steroids. Or if they are consuming steroids they should not be allowed to play sports. When athletes use steroids they have the advantage of many things. For example, athletes have the advantage of doing better when doing their plays and/or when they are against there opponent. This is a disadvantage to the athletes that do not consume steroids. Let’s say that two athletes are competing, one does consume steroids and the other one doesn’t, who will win? It will more than likely be the athlete consuming steroids. This would be because the steroids are anabolic and make people stronger and energetic. An athlete on steroids is obviously going to be much faster than the one that does not.
Steroid use should be avoided not also because it gives disadvantage to other athletes but also because they destroy the human body. When a person is consuming steroids it does not dramatically change your body immediately. It does make you look built and strong but it also has negative effect to the human body. Steroid use has different effects on women than men. The women using steroids will begin to have facial hair growth. Yet that is not all!!! They will just not be growing facial hair; their chest will also decrease its size. The chest affect will be the opposite for men than the women. The men’s chest will begin to increase, but at the same time their lower privates will begin to decrease.
In my opinion steroids is not a good thing to be consuming when it comes to sports. It just will not be a disadvantage to those athletes that do not consume them but it will also make negative effects to the human body. The effects that it will do to the human body can be a permanent damage to the human body. If an athlete was consuming steroids and had a great performance and later on the news found out that they were consuming steroids. It could affect the athlete’s carrier, most of the fans will think that the athlete has a bad reputation and can even get kicked off of the team. Which this would be bad for their carrier.

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