Hrm627 Assignment Solution 2013

Assignment # 1

MTH303 (Fall 2014)

Total marks: 15
Lecture # 1 to 10
Due date: 01/12/2014
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• Upload assignments properly through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
• All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.
• This is an individual assignment, not group assignment, so keep in mind that you are supposed to submit your own, self made & different assignment even if you discuss the questions with your class fellows. All similar assignments (even with some meaningless modifications) will be awarded zero marks and no excuse will be accepted. This is your responsibility to keep your assignment safe from others.
• Above all instructions are for all assignments so may not be mentioned in future.
• Solve the assignment on MS word document and upload your word (.doc) files only.

Question 1: Marks 5

Distinguish the linear and non-linear differential equations out of the following.


Question 2: Marks 10

Solve the Bernoulli differential equation by using an appropriate substitution.

Part A As the new human resource manager of a multimillion-dollar service organization, you have been provided with a job description for new responsibilities. For this assignment, please provide the following. 1. A synthesis of three (3) environmental influences that affect the organization quantifying their impact and providing potential solutions for negative and positive influences. There are numerous environmental influences that affect the organization. These can either be categorized into external or internal environmental factors. The internal environmental factors are those internal factors within the organization that are under the control of the organization. While on the other hand, external factors are not under the control of the organization. Three that I would discuss are the political factor, competition and social factor. Political factors affects the organization by the environment less friendly for business. Often there is little business can do. They can lobby for better laws but ultimately is the government decision. They have no control over the political environment. Government can make doing business difficult by requiring businesses to acquire all sort of license before they can operate, voluminous paper work, pass laws on the guidance of hiring and firing employees and levy heavy taxes. There is very little businesses can do individually to combat this problem. The government is the only entity that can change the laws, so therefore the businesses has to persuade the government to make changes. In order to do so businesses has to unite for example create a chamber of commerce that can speak on behalf of all the business. By doing so it will help to influence the government and reduce the number of government policies that would affect the organization.

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